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Combine Fungicide-Propiconazole+tebuconazole

Sterilization, disease prevention, cure


Bactericidal properties

1. Broad Spectrum

High bactericidal activity and good curative effect on diseases caused by higher fungi on various crops

2. Special effects

It has special effects on banana leaf spot, grape anthracnose, watermelon blight and strawberry powdery mildew

3. Quick effect

It has strong systemic absorption and has the performance of uploading to uploading. It can kill the invading pathogens within 2 hours of application, control the expansion of the disease in 1-2 days, and prevent the epidemic of diseases. It has strong penetration and adhesion, especially suitable for the rainy season. use.


Propiconazole also has a certain role in regulating plant growth. By inhibiting the synthesis of gibberellin in plants, reducing the content of gibberellin and indoleacetic acid, eliminating the apical dominance of plants, making the stems thicker and plants dwarfed and compact. The content of chlorophyll, protein and nucleic acid increased.




Propiconazole 20%+Tebuconazole 20%EC

Propiconazole 15%+Tebuconazole 15%SC

Propiconazole 15%+Tebuconazole 25%EW

Post time: Sep-27-2022