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How to control cotton blind bugs in cotton fields?

Cotton blind bug is the main pest in cotton fields, which is harmful to cotton during various growth stages. Because of its strong flight ability, agility, long life span and strong reproductive ability, it is difficult to control the pest once it occurs.


The characteristics of cotton blind bugs are not well understood by cotton farmers, and it is common to miss the best control period, choose the wrong medication, and spray not carefully enough, so as to miss the best control period. Here are the control methods for cotton blind bugs:

1. Timely prevention:many cotton farmers often start to use drugs when the pests are serious, costing money and effort, and the control effect is poor.So you need to  keep an eye on the cotton fields,timely spraying of pesticides can save money and manpower, and you can get better result.


2.Scientific use of drugsThe common insecticides used to control cotton blind bugs were pyrethroids pesticides such as cypermethrin, perfluthrin, and fenpropathrin, and organophosphorus pesticides such as malathion, phoxim, and propyl bromide. Carbamate pesticides such as methomyl and butiamyl, and organochlorine pesticides such as solanthus, any of the above pesticides have a good control effect on lost revisit;

In the prevention and control of cotton cotton blind bugs, you can control aphid, cotton bollworm, red spider and other pests at the same time, once spraying pesticide kills two different pests, this method can save money and bring good control effect; However, I must remind the cotton farmers that you should choose high-content and high-efficiency compound pesticides, dont buy the cheap pesticide with low quality.

3, Uniform spraying: early discover the pests, choose the right pesticide, you must spray enough drug.Take back and forth trans-spraying, that is, use the nebulizers to spray the cotton field twice back and forth, although the amount of spraying doubled, but the control effect is several times stronger than the conventional spraying, under normal conditions a month spraying once or twice can achieve the desired effect; In addition, spraying should be carried out from the middle of the cotton field before sunset in the afternoon, which can effectively prevent the migration of adults.




Post time: Jul-27-2023