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Fluopicolide , picarbutrazox, dimethomorph… who can be the main force in the prevention and control of oomycete diseases?

     Oomycete disease occurs in melon crops such as cucumbers, solanaceous crops such as tomatoes and peppers, and cruciferous vegetable crops such as Chinese cabbage. blight, eggplant tomato cotton blight, vegetable Phytophthora Pythium root rot and stem rot, etc. Due to the large amount of soil bacteria, the concealment of soil bacteria, and the uncertainty of airborne pathogen transmission, in actual production, oomycete diseases are very difficult to control.

    According to statistics, oomycete fungicides currently account for nearly 20% of the current fungicide market share, and with the continuous improvement of the commercial production level of agricultural products, the demand for chemical prevention and control of oomycete diseases will increase. The importance of fungicides. At present, the commonly used control agents on the market with outstanding effects are fluthiazolidinone, fluorobacillus propamocarb, mandipropamid, pyrimidine tetrazole, dimethomorph, flumorph, and cyanocream. Azole, cymoxanil, etc.



    Picarbutrazox was developed and marketed by Nippon Soda. On September 2, 2021, the Pesticide Control Institute of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of my country approved the registration of 97% pyrimidine tetrazolate technical (PD20211350) and Picarbutrazox 10% SC (PD20211363) of Japan Soda Co., Ltd. in my country. The trade name of 10% picarbutrazoxsuspension concentrate is Bixiluo®, which is registered for the control of cucumber downy mildew. Lomton China is the exclusive general agent of Bixiluo® products in China, and is fully responsible for the commercialization and production of this product in China. Brand Promotion.

    Picarbutrazox is a carbamate fungicide with unique chemical structure and novel mechanism of action. It can effectively control the diseases caused by oomycetes, such as downy mildew, Pythium, pseudoperonospermum and Phytophthora, etc., and has excellent control effect on crop downy mildew and blight. Picarbutrazox is also a resistance management tool and has no cross-resistance with widely used carboxylic acid amides, phenylamides and methoxyacrylate fungicides.



    Dimethomorph is a fungicide specific to oomycetes, its action is characterized by destroying the formation of cell wall membranes, and it has effects on all stages of the life cycle of oomycetes. Dimethomorph is mainly used to prevent and control fungal diseases, such as downy mildew, downy mildew, late blight, blight, blackleg and other crop diseases, and can be used for fruit trees, vegetables and other crops.

    Diphenoxymorph is prophylactic and active, with residual activity on crop leaves, providing prophylactic action. When diphenoxymorph is sprayed on the crops, the drug can penetrate into the leaf tissue through the surface of the leaves, and through diffusion, conduct locally in the leaves, which can be used to prevent and control diseases of many important crops. These include cucumber downy mildew, grape downy mildew, potato late blight, tomato late blight, tobacco black shank, and more. Diphenoxymorph has no cross-resistance with currently widely used phenylamide fungicides (such as metalaxyl), and has good eye affinity. It can be mixed with other different types of fungicides, such as mancozeb, etc., thereby Expand the spectrum of sterilization and the scope of use.



    The two components of cyanogen frost and frost gland cyanogen are two characteristic compounds of downy mildew and late blight: frost pulse gas has strong permeability and systemic absorption, and can be observed 12 hours after the bacteria contact the agent. The mold layer begins to dry up: air frost has therapeutic and protective functions, can effectively kill germs, and can induce crops to produce antibodies against downy mildew and late blight, so it has a long-lasting effect, which is better than other agents against The duration of the above-mentioned diseases. The unique mechanism of action makes it difficult for the two active ingredients to develop resistance, and the product has a long life cycle

    Tests have shown that Cyazofamizol+Cymoxan has good quick-acting and long-lasting effects on late blight, which is superior to other agents. Even in the case of a large number of diseases, it can also effectively treat and protect. It is the killer weapon in the prevention and treatment of late blight .

Post time: Dec-08-2022