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Action characteristics

Azoxystrobin is a high-efficiency broad-spectrum fungicide with protection, treatment, eradication, penetration and systemic activity. The agent enters the bacteria and blocks the electron transfer between cytochrome b and cytochrome cl, thereby inhibiting mitochondrial respiration and destroying the energy synthesis of the bacteria. Therefore, the spore germination and mycelial growth of the bacteria are inhibited. Has a new mode of action and remains effective against strains with reduced susceptibility to other commonly used fungicides. The fungicide can enhance the stress resistance of plants, promote plant growth, delay senescence, increase photosynthetic products, and improve crop quality and yield.


Applied crops

Cereal crops, rice, vegetables, peanuts, grapes, potatoes, coffee, fruit trees, lawns, etc. Relatively safe for crops at recommended doses, but harmful to some apple varieties. Safe for the environment and groundwater.


Object of prevention

The agent has a broad bactericidal range, is effective against most pathogenic bacteria such as ascomycetes and basidiomycetes, and has high bactericidal activity, which can control a variety of diseases that occur in a variety of important economic crops. 




Azoxystrobin25%SCAzoxystrobin 50%WDG, Azoxystrobin 80%WDG


Combine formulation

1.azoxystrobin 32%+hifluzamide8% 11.7% SC

2.azoxystrobin 7%+propiconazol 11.7% 11.7% SC

3.azoxystrobin 30%+boscalid 15% SC

4.azoxystrobin20%+tebuconazole 30% SC

5.azoxystrobin20%+metalaxyl-M10% SC

Post time: Oct-08-2022