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Harm of Anthrax and its prevention methods

Anthrax is a common fungi disease in the process of tomato planting, which is very harmful. If it is not controlled in time, it will lead to the death of tomatoes. Therefore, all growers should take precautions from seedling, watering, then spraying to fruiting period.
Anthrax mainly damages the near mature fruits, and any part of the fruit surface can be infected, generally the middle waist part is more affected. The diseased fruit first appears moist and faded small spots, gradually expanding into nearly circular or amorphous disease spots, with a diameter of 1~1.5 cm. There are concentric whorls and black particles grow. In the case of high humidity, pink sticky spots grow in the later stage, and the disease spots often appear star shaped cracking. When serious, the diseased fruit can rot and fall off in the field. Many disease-free fruits after infection can show symptoms successively during the storage, transportation and sales period after harvest, resulting in an increasing number of rotten fruits.
Agricultural control
Strengthen the management of cultivation and disease control:
1.Clean up the garden after harvest and destroy the diseased and disabled bodies.
2.Deeply turn over the soil, apply sufficient high-quality organic base fertilizer in combination with land preparation, and plant in high border and deep ditch.
3.Tomato is a crop with a long growth period. It should be carefully managed. It should prune, branch and bind vines in a timely manner. Weeding should be carried out frequently to facilitate field ventilation and moisture reduction. The fruit should be harvested in a timely manner during the ripening period to improve the quality of harvest. The diseased fruit should be taken out of the field and destroyed in a timely manner.
Chemical control – chemical agent reference
1. 25% difenoconazole SC (low toxicity) 30-40ml/mu spray
2, 250g/liter azoxystrobin SC (low toxicity), 1500-2500 times liquid spray
3. 75% chlorothalonil WP (low toxicity) 600-800 times liquid spray

Post time: Dec-31-2022