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Manual for paclobutrazol on mango

Paclobutrazol is generally a powder, which can be absorbed into the tree through the roots, stems and leaves of fruit trees under the action of water, and should be applied during the growing season. There are usually two methods: soil spreading and foliar spraying.


1. Buried paclobutrazol

The best period is when the second shoot shoots out about 3-5 cm (when yellow turns green or before light green). According to the crown size, different varieties, and different soils, different amounts of paclobutrazol are used.

Generally speaking, the commodity amount of paclobutrazol is applied per square meter of crown of 6-9 g, the ditch or ring ditch is opened 30-40 cm within the drip line or 60-70 cm from the tree head, and covered with soil after watering. If the weather is dry, Cover soil after proper watering.

The application of paclobutrazol should not be too early or too late. The specific time is related to the variety. Too early will easily lead to short shoots and deformities; too late, the second shoots will be sent out before the third shoots have completely turned green. .

Different soils will also affect the application of paclobutrazol. Generally speaking, sandy soil has better burial effect than clay soil. It is recommended to use paclobutrazol in some orchards with higher soil viscosity.

2. Foliar spraying paclobutrazol to control shoots


The paclobutrazol foliar spray has a softer effect than other medicaments, and can effectively alleviate the damage to the tree during shoot control. Generally, when the leaves turn green and are not mature enough, use paclobutrazol 15% wettable powder for the first time about 600 times, and gradually increase the amount of paclobutrazol 15% wettable powder for the second time. Control shoot once every -10 days. After controlling the shoots 1-2 times, the shoots begin to mature. Note that the shoots are not fully matured, generally do not add ethephon, otherwise it is easy to cause leaf fall.


 When the leaves turn green, some fruit growers use paclobutrazol for the first control of shoots. The dosage is 1400 grams with 450 kg of water. The second control of shoots is basically the same as the first. The dosage will be reduced afterwards until it reaches 400. With 250 ml of ethephon. When first controlling the shoots, the normal situation is to control once every seven days, but the solar terms or other factors must be considered. After the stability is controlled, it can be controlled once every ten days.

Post time: Jan-26-2022