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Our employees went abroad to visit customers.

The customers visited this time are also old customers of the company. They are located in a country in Asia and are distributors and suppliers in that country. Customers have always been satisfied with our company’s products and services, which is also an important reason why we were able to win this opportunity to visit abroad.

During their visits abroad, employees showed our company’s latest products and solutions to customers. Customers were very supportive of our development and expressed their willingness to further deepen cooperation between the two parties. In addition, employees also have in-depth communications with customers to understand their needs and expectations for products and services. The company is able to make improvements and innovations based on customer feedback to better meet customer needs and expand the market. share.

This overseas visit not only strengthened the relationship between the company and its customers, but also gained a lot from the employees. Through exchanges and understanding with advanced foreign companies, they have deepened their understanding of the industry, mastered some practical experience in international operations, and shared these experiences with colleagues in the company to help the company develop better.

In short, this foreign visit allowed us to better understand the international market, and at the same time, it also expanded a wider development space for our We believe that with the joint efforts of the company and employees, we will achieve more results in the future.


Post time: Nov-06-2023