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Pesticide compounding principles

Mixed use of pesticides with different poisoning mechanisms

Mixing pesticides with different mechanisms of action can improve the control effect and delay drug resistance.

Pesticides with different poisoning effects mixed with pesticides have contact killing, stomach poisoning, systemic effects, etc., while fungicides have protective and therapeutic effects. If these pesticides with different effects are mixed, they can promote and complement each other. produce a good control effect.


Mixed use of pesticides with different effects

Quick-acting pesticides are fast, but have a long lasting effect, while low-efficiency pesticides have a slow effect but have a long lasting effect. Such pesticide mixing not only has a fast effect, but also has a long lasting effect, which can be used for long-term control.


Mixed use of pesticides with different insect states

Acting on different insect states can kill pests at any period in the field, and the insecticide is completely killed. Pesticides that act on different pests and diseases are mixed with several pests and diseases. Mixing pesticides can reduce labor costs, reduce the number of sprays, and also achieve the effect of improving efficacy.


Common Pesticide Compounding Formulations

Abamectin + pyridaben for the treatment of fruit tree red spiders.

Pyraclostrobin + thifuramide can prevent citrus resin disease sand skin disease with good lasting effect.

Emamectin + Triflumuron can prevent and control the rice leaf roller borer and the fruit-eating insect.

Spirotetramat + Avermectin, the old formula of pear wood lice.

Abamectin + chlorfenapyr, leaf miners have nowhere to escape.

Abamectin + spirotetramat is absolutely effective in controlling whitefly, aphids and thrips.

Emamectin + Lufenuron, the nemesis of Spodoptera litura and Spodoptera litura.

Methion·Hammeling, drenching roots to prevent and treat root diseases.

Chlorpyrifos + pyriproxyfen, high-efficiency control of scale insects.

Thiamethoxam + bifenthrin, irrigate roots to prevent and control ground maggots and leek maggots.

Pyridaben + thiamethoxam make flicking armor powerless to jump.

A-dimensional salt + chlorfenapyr, double killing of worms and mites.

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