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Safe rice field herbicide cyhalofop-butyl -it is expected to show its strength as a fly control spray

Cyhalofop-butyl is a systemic herbicide developed by Dow AgroSciences, which was launched in Asia in 1995. Cyhalofop-butyl has high safety and excellent control effect, and has been widely favored by the market since it was launched. At present, the market of Cyhalofop-butyl spreads all over the rice-growing areas of the world, including Japan, China, the United States, Greece, Spain, France, Italy, Portugal and Australia. In my country, Cyhalofop-butyl has become the mainstream control agent for grass weeds such as barnyardgrass and stephenia in paddy fields.

Product introduction

Cyhalofop-butyl technical product is a white crystalline solid, soluble in most organic solvents, insoluble in water, its molecular formula is C20H20FNO4, CAS registration number: 122008-85-9

Mechanism of action

Cyhalofop-butyl is a systemic conductive herbicide. After being absorbed by the leaves and leaf sheaths of plants, it conducts through the phloem and accumulates in the meristem area of ​​plants, where it inhibits acetyl-CoA carboxylase (ACCase) and synthesizes fatty acids. Stop, the cells cannot grow and divide normally, the membrane system and other lipid-containing structures are destroyed, and finally the plant dies.

Control object

Cyhalofop-butyl is mainly used in rice seedling fields, direct seeding fields, and transplanting fields, and can control and control Qianjinzi, kanmai, small bran grass, crabgrass, foxtail, bran millet, heart leaf millet, pennisetum, maize, and beef tendon Grass and other gramineous weeds, it also has a certain control effect on young barnyardgrass, and can also effectively control weeds that are resistant to quinclorac, sulfonylurea and amide herbicides

Product advantages

1. High herbicidal activity

Cyhalofop-butyl exhibited herbicidal activity unmatched by other pesticides on D. chinensis before the 4-leaf stage in rice fields.

2. Wide range of application

cyhalofop-butyl can be used not only in rice transplanting fields, but also in direct-seeding rice fields and seedling fields.

3. Strong adaptability

Cyhalofop-butyl can be compounded with penoxsulam, quinclorac, fenoxaprop-ethyl, oxaziclozone, etc., which not only expands the herbicidal spectrum, but also delays the emergence of resistance.

4. High security

Cyhalofop-butyl has excellent selectivity to rice, is safe to rice, degrades rapidly in soil and typical paddy water, and is safe to subsequent crops.

Market expectation

Rice is the most important food crop in the world. With the expansion of the direct-seeding area of ​​rice and the increase of the resistance of grass weeds, the market demand for cyhalofop-butyl as an efficient and safe herbicide in rice fields is constantly increasing. At present, the occurrence area and damage of weeds such as Dwarfiaceae and barnyardgrass in rice fields in my country are increasing, and the resistance to sulfonylurea and amide herbicides is becoming more and more serious. It is expected that the demand for cyhalofop-butyl will still be on the rise in the next few years . And due to the problem of resistance, the single dose of cyhalofop-fop will tend to be developed with a high content (30%-60%), and the compound products with other pesticides will also increase. At the same time, with the expansion of the factory’s production scale and the upgrading of process equipment, the market capacity of cyhalofop-butyl and products containing cyhalofop-butyl will further expand and the competition will become more intense. In addition, with the popularization of anti-flying spraying technology, cyhalofop-ester is suitable for use as a variety of anti-flying spraying, and the future technical application is also worth looking forward to.

Single Formulation

Cyhalofop-butyl 10%EC

Cyhalofop-butyl 20%OD

Cyhalofop-butyl 15%EW

Cyhalofop-butyl 30%OD

Combine Formulation

Cyhalofop-butyl 12%+ halosulfuron-methyl 3%OD

Cyhalofop-butyl 10%+ propanil 30% EC

Cyhalofop-butyl 6%+ propanil 36% EC



Post time: Dec-01-2022