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Seize the spring shoots to prevent citrus diseases and insect pests

Farmers all know that citrus diseases and insect pests are concentrated in the spring shoot period, and timely prevention and control at this time can achieve a multiplier effect. If the prevention and control in early spring is not timely, pests and diseases will occur in a large area throughout the year. Therefore, it is particularly important to do a good job in the prevention and control of the spring shoots.


The three periods of spring shoots of citrus scab are the best junctures for the prevention and treatment of citrus scab. The first time is when the spring buds of citrus grow to 1-2 mm. The second time is when the citrus flowers are two-thirds off. The third time is when the young fruit and beans are big.

Prevention and treatment: 60% zomidyson combination, 20% thiophanate copper.

Citrus anthracnose Citrus anthracnose mainly damages the leaves, resulting in a large number of leaves.

When there is a lot of rain in spring, it is the peak period of the disease. Combined with pruning of diseased branches, spraying once in spring, summer and autumn shoots, and young fruit should be sprayed once every two weeks after flowering, 2 to 3 times in a row.

fruit damage

Prevention and treatment: Difenoconazole, Mancozeb, Methyl thiophanate, Mancozeb, etc.

citrus canker

Citrus canker and canker are both bacterial diseases. When the new shoots are just pulled out or when the new shoots are 2 to 3 cm, they should be controlled two or three times, with an interval of about ten days, until the new shoots are mature.

Control: Kasugamycin, Copper Thiobium.

Post time: Oct-21-2022