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The latest technical market release – Fungicide market

The heat is still concentrated on a few varieties such as pyraclostrobin technical and azoxystrobin technical.

Triazole is at a low level, but bromine is gradually rising. The cost of triazole products is stable, but the demand is weak: Difenoconazole technical is currently reported at about 172,000 yuan/ton; propiconazole technical is reported at 182,000 yuan/ton About 1 ton, the market supply is tight; the market demand for hexaconazole technical is average, but the import price is raised, and the price is reported to be 135,000 yuan/ton; ; The market transaction of epoxiconazole original drug was stable at 460,000 yuan/ton; the tricyclazole original drug fell to 69,000 yuan/ton.

The inventory of pyraclostrobin technical is low, the supply is tight, and the market price has risen to more than 300,000 yuan/ton; the price of the technical azoxystrobin export patent remains high, and the supply of goods in the market circulation channels has decreased, and the market price has reached 300,000 yuan. About / ton; Kresstrobin technical manufacturers have insufficient operating rate, the price is reported at 350,000 yuan/ton, and the demand is weak; the production capacity of trifloxystrobin technical has increased, and the market has a strong wait-and-see mood, and the price has returned to 430,000 yuan/ton.

Carbendazim technical is mainly stable, and the market price remains at about 43,000 yuan/ton; thiophanate-methyl technical is also maintained at 43,000 yuan/ton; the market price of hymexazol technical falls to 138,000 yuan/ton About; the export market of fluazinam technical is good, the domestic demand has not yet started, the market price has fallen to less than 250,000 yuan/ton; the market of prochloraz technical is weak, the cost of manufacturers is high, it is difficult to maintain, and the price is reported to be 63,000 yuan/ton .

Thiofuramide technical manufacturers are concentrated, the supply of raw materials is limited, the inventory is low, and the quotation is 350,000 yuan/ton; the price of dimethomorph technical is stable, and the price of raw materials is high, and the reported price is about 85,000 yuan/ton.

Post time: Jan-31-2023