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What should I do if the ground temperature is low in winter and the root activity is poor?

The winter temperature is low. For greenhouse vegetables, how to increase the ground temperature is the top priority. The activity of the root system affects the growth of the plant. Therefore, the key work should still be to increase the ground temperature. The ground temperature is high, and the root system has sufficient vitality and good nutrient absorption. , the plant is naturally strong. Pruning and defoliation in winter is quite special. It needs to be pruned and defoliated to adjust the structure of the field, so that the plants can be fully exposed to sunlight, reduce humidity and reduce diseases. Different types of vegetables have different specific operation methods. There is no uniform standard, which is determined according to the actual situation.


If the density of branches and leaves is large, part of the inner leaves should be properly thinned; at the bottom of the plant, remove old leaves and yellow leaves; in the middle leaves, properly remove part of the canopy to reduce canopy closure. For the removed branches and leaves, they should not be left in the shed. All the sheds should be cleaned out to reduce the infection of diseases. It is best to spray with fungicides to ensure that everything is safe.


Laying mulch

Black mulch is the most common but also the least desirable. The black mulch film is opaque, and when the light shines, it will become heat, and the temperature will increase, but the ground temperature has not changed. It is best to choose a transparent mulch, which transmits light and directly shines on the ground, which helps to increase the ground temperature.

cover organic matter

The humidity in the greenhouse can cause many diseases. The ground can be covered with straw, straw, etc., which absorbs water at night and releases it during the day, which is conducive to maintaining a stable environment in the greenhouse.

Reasonable ventilation

In winter, the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the greenhouse is large, and ventilation and dehumidification will also take away a lot of heat and effectively reduce the humidity. Under reasonable control, the heating block can be ignited in the greenhouse during the day to increase the concentration of carbon dioxide and reduce ventilation. Helps to provide ground temperature.

Post time: Oct-14-2022