Paraquat 20% SL | Herbicide Kill Weeds By Contacting

Short Description:

Paraquat 20% SL is a contact-killing herbicide, which mainly kills the chloroplast membrane of weeds by contacting the green parts of weeds. It can affect the formation of chlorophyll in weeds and affect the photosynthesis of weeds, thereby quickly terminating the growth of weeds. It can destroy both monocotyledonous and dicotyledonous plants at the same time. Generally, the weeds can be discolored within 2 to 3 hours after application.


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Active Ingredient Paraquat 20% SL
Name Paraquat 20% SL
CAS Number 1910-42-5
Molecular Formula C₁₂H₁₄Cl₂N₂
Application Kill the chloroplast membrane of weeds by contacting the green parts of weeds
Brand Name POMAIS
Shelf life 2 Years
Purity 20% SL
State Liquid
Label Customized
Formulations 240g/L EC, 276g/L SL, 20% SL

Mode of Action

Paraquat is partially inactivated upon contact with soil. This properties led to paraquat being widely used in the development of no-till farming. It is suitable for controlling weeds in orchards, mulberry fields, rubber plantations and forest belts, as well as weeds in non cultivated land, fields and roadsides. For wide row crops, such as corn, sugar cane, soybeans and nursery, can be treated with directional spraying to prevent weeds.

Suitable Crops:

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Act on these Weeds:

Atrazine weeds

Using Method

Crop Names

Weeds Prevention


Usage Method


Fruit tree

Annual weeds

0.4-1.0 kg/ha.


Corn field

Annual weeds

0.4-1.0 kg/ha.


Apple orchard

Annual weeds

0.4-1.0 kg/ha.


Sugarcane field

Annual weeds

0.4-1.0 kg/ha.


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