Agricultural insecticide technology etoxazole miticide etoxazole 10 sc 20 sc with High quality

Short Description:


Active Ingredient: Etoxazole 10%SC


CAS No.: 153233-91-1


Application:Etoxazole is a new type of oxazole-type special acaricide developed. Etoxazole is a chitin synthesis inhibitor.[1] It kills harmful mites by inhibiting the embryogenesis of mite eggs and the molting process from young mites to adult mites. It has contact and stomach poisoning effects, and has no systemic effects. non-toxic, but has strong penetrating ability and is resistant to rainwater erosion. Studies have shown that etoxazole is extremely lethal to mite eggs and young nymphal mites. It does not kill adult mites, but it can significantly inhibit the hatching rate of eggs laid by female adult mites, and can prevent and control mites that have developed resistance to existing acaricides. Pest mites.


Packaging: 1L/bottle  100ml/bottle


MOQ: 1000L


Other formulations: Etoxazole 20%SC,Etoxazole 110G/L ,Etoxazole 30%




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Active ingredients Etoxazole
CAS Number 153233-91-1
Molecular Formula C21H23F2NO2
Classification Herbicide
Brand Name POMAIS
Shelf life 2 Years
Purity 10SC
State Powder
Label Liquid
Formulations 10SC,20SC,30SC


Mode of Action

Etoxazole 10% SC inhibits the embryogenesis of mite eggs and the molting process from young mites to adult mites. It is effective on eggs and young mites, but is ineffective on adult mites, but has a good sterile effect on female adult mites. Therefore, the best time for prevention and control is in the early stages of mite damage. It is highly resistant to rain and lasts for up to 50 days.

Suitable crops: 

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Act on these Pests:

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Using Method


Etoxazole 10%SC Etoxazole 20%SC Etoxazole 30%SC


The main control of apple, citrus red spider, cotton, flowers, vegetables and other crops of leaf mites, eoleaf mites, panonychus mites, two spot leaf mites, cinnabar leaf mites and other mites also have excellent control effect.

 Usage method

11% ethylacazole suspension was diluted 5000-7500 times with water for spray.

Crop names

Cotton, flowers, citrus trees, apple trees, hawthorn trees, pear trees, peach trees, vegetables, grapes,


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