Factory Supply Gibberellin Gibberellic Acid 4 Ec Ga3 4%Ec 77-06-5

Short Description:

GA3 is a broad spectrum plant growth regulator. Endogenous gibberellin is ubiquitous in plants, which is one of the important hormones to promote plant growth and development, and is the antagonist of such growth inhibitors as paclobutrazol and chlormequat. The drug can promote cells, stem elongation, leaf expansion, parthenocarpy, fruit growth, break seed dormancy, change the ratio of female and male flowers, affect flowering time, and reduce the shedding of flowers and fruits. Exogenous gibberellin enters the plant and has the same physiological function as endogenous gibberellin. Gibberellin enters the plant mainly through leaves, twigs, flowers, seeds or fruits, and then transmits to the parts with active growth to play a role.

MOQ: 500kg

Sample: Free sample

Package: Customized

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Active ingredient Gibberellic acid 4% EC
Other Name GA3 4% EC
CAS Number 77-06-5
Molecular Formula C19H22O6
Application  Promote plant growth. Improve 
Brand Name Ageruo
Insecticide Shelf life 2 Years
Purity 4% EC
State Liquid
Label Customized
Formulations 4%EC,10%SP,20%SP,40%SP
The mixed formulation product
  1. gibberellic acid(GA3) 2%+6-benzylamino-purine2% WG
  2. gibberellic acid(GA3)2.7%+abscisic acid 0.3% SG
  3. gibberellic acid A4,A7 1.35%+gibberellic acid(GA3) 1.35% PF
  4. tebuconazole10%+jingangmycin A 5% SC    



Gibberellic acid (GA3) 2

Mode of Action

GA3 is a broad-spectrum plant growth regulator, which can promote the growth and development of crops, make them mature earlier, increase yield and improve quality; It can quickly break the dormancy of seed, tuber, bulb and other organs and promote germination; Reduce the shedding of buds, flowers, bolls and fruits, improve the fruit bearing rate or form seedless fruits. It can also make some 2-year-old plants bloom in the same year.

Suitable crops: 

Mepiquat Chloride crops

Using Effects:

Mepiquat Chloride effect

Using Method

Crop names



Usage method


Regulate growth

3000-6000 times liquid

Stem and leaf spray



200-800 times liquid

Treat ears of grape 1 week after anthesis


Increase fresh weight

1600-4000 times liquid

1-3 times of blade surface treatment

Ornamental flowers

Early flowering

57 times liquid

Leaf surface treatment smearing flower bud


Seed production/ Increase 1000-grain weight

1333-2000 times liquid



Increase production

2000-4000 times liquid

Spot spray, spot coating or spray



Q: How does your factory carry out quality control?

A: Quality priority. Our factory has passed the authentication of ISO9001:2000. We have First-class quality products and strict pre-shipment inspection. You can send samples for testing, and we welcome you to check the inspection before shipment.

Q: Can i get some samples?

A: Free samples is available,but freight charges will be at your account and the charges will be returned to you or deduct from your order in the future. 1-10 kgs can be sent by FedEx/DHL/UPS/TNT by Door-to-Door way.

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