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Mancozeb is a combination of manganese and zinc ions with a broad bactericidal spectrum, which is an organic sulfur protective fungicide. It can inhibit the oxidation of pyruvate in the bacteria, thereby playing a bactericidal effect. Mancozeb 80% WP kills pathogenic bacteria to protect fruit trees.

Pomais can produce mancozeb-zinc formulations in powder, liquid, water-dispersible granules, wettable powder, and ready-to-use formulations. Moreover, we can provide custom formulations.

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Mancozeb 80% WP is a contact fungicide with preventive activity. It kills pathogenic fungi to protect fruit trees. It is also used to control potato blight and to safeguard numerous other fruits, vegetables, nuts, and field crops from various fungal diseases. Additionally, it is employed in seed treatment for cotton, potatoes, corn, safflower, and grains.

AcTive Ingredient Mancozeb 80% WP
Other Name Mancozeb 80% WP
CAS Number 8018-01-7
Molecular Formula C18H19NO4
Application Control vegetable downy mildew
Brand Name POMAIS
Shelf life 2 Years
Purity 80% WP
State Powder
Label Customized
Formulations 70% WP,75% WP,75% DF,75% WDG,80% WP,85% TC
The mixed formulation product Mancozeb600g/kg WDG + Dimethomorph 90g/kgMancozeb 64% WP + Cymoxanil 8%Mancozeb 20% WP + Copper Oxychloride 50.5%Mancozeb 64% + Metalaxyl 8% WP

Mancozeb 640g/kg + Metalaxyl-M 40g/kg WP

Mancozeb 50% + Catbendazim 20% WP

Mancozeb 64% + Cymoxanil 8% WP

Mancozeb 600g/kg + Dimethomorph 90g/kg WDG

Mode of Action

Control of many fungal diseases in a wide range of field crops, fruit, nuts, vegetables, ornamentals, etc.
More frequent uses include control of early and late blights of potatoes and tomatoes, downy mildew of vines, downy mildew of cucurbits, scab of apple. Used for foliar application or as a seed treatment.

Suitable Crops:

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Act on these Fungal Disease:

Mancozeb fungal disease

Using Method

Crop Fungal diseases   Dosage  Usage method
Grapevine Downy mildew 2040-3000g/Ha Spray
Apple tree Scab 1000-1500mg/kg Spray
Potato Early blights 400-600ppm solution Spray 3-5 times
Tomato Late blights 400-600ppm solution Spray 3-5 times


(1) When storing, care should be taken to prevent high temperature and keep it dry, so as to avoid the decomposition of the drug under high temperature and humidity conditions and reduce the efficacy of the drug.
(2) In order to improve the control effect, it can be mixed with various pesticides and chemical fertilizers, but cannot be mixed with alkaline pesticides, chemical fertilizers and copper-containing solutions.
(3) The medicine has a stimulating effect on the skin and mucous membranes, so pay attention to protection when using it.
(4) Can not be mixed with alkaline or copper-containing agents. Toxic to fish, do not pollute water source.

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