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Disease problems in lawns and plants have always plagued many gardeners and farmers. Diseases such as brown spot, gray spot and powdery mildew not only affect the aesthetics of your plants, but can also lead to compromised plant health and, in severe cases, plant death. Tebuconazole (CAS No. 107534-96-3) is a potent systemic fungicide that protects, treats and eradicates plants to help you solve these problems.


Tebuconazole fungicide label: POMAIS or Customized

Formulations: 60g/L FS;25% SC;25% EC or Customized


The mixed formulation product:

1.tebuconazole 20%+trifloxystrobin 10% SC

2.tebuconazole 24%+pyraclostrobin 8% SC

3.tebuconazole 30%+azoxystrobin 20% SC

4.tebuconazole 10%+jingangmycin A 5% SC

5. Customized

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Tebuconazole Fungicide Introduction

Tebuconazole is an organic compound with a molecular formula of C16H22ClN3O. It is an efficient, broad-spectrum, systemic triazole bactericidal pesticide with three functions of protection, treatment and eradication. It has a wide bactericidal spectrum and a long lasting effect. Like all triazole fungicides, tebuconazole inhibits fungal ergosterol biosynthesis.

Active Ingredient Tebuconazole 
Common Name Tebuconazole 25% EC; Tebuconazole 25% SC
CAS Number 107534-96-3
Molecular Formula C16H22ClN3O
Application  It can be used in various of crops or vegetable disease.
Brand Name POMAIS
Shelf life 2 Years
Purity 25% 
State Liquid
Label Customized
Formulations 60g/L FS;25% SC;25% EC
The mixed formulation product 1.tebuconazole20%+trifloxystrobin10% SC                                2.tebuconazole24%+pyraclostrobin 8% SC                            3.tebuconazole30%+azoxystrobin20% SC                                          4.tebuconazole10%+jingangmycin A 5% SC    

Advantages of tebuconazole

Rapid Absorption
Tebuconazole is rapidly absorbed by the plant, providing fast control.

Long-term protection
A single application of tebuconazole provides long-term protection against disease, reducing the need for frequent applications.

Broad spectrum of action
Tebuconazole is effective against a wide range of fungi and diseases.


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Tebuconazole fungicide mode of action

As a DMI (demethylation inhibitor) fungicide, tebuconazole works by inhibiting the formation of fungal cell walls. Specifically, it inhibits the formation and spread of fungi by inhibiting spore germination and fungal growth and interfering with the production of ergosterol, an essential fungal molecule. This makes tebuconazole more inclined to inhibit fungal growth (fungal quiescence) than to kill fungi directly (fungicidal).


Areas of application for tebuconazole

Applications in agriculture
Tebuconazole is widely used in agriculture to help farmers control crop diseases and improve yield and quality.

Horticulture and home gardens
In horticulture and home gardens, tebuconazole protects flowers and ornamentals from fungal diseases, keeping them beautiful and healthy.

Lawn care
Lawn diseases such as brown patch and gray patch often affect the appearance and health of your lawn. Using tebuconazole can effectively control these diseases and keep your lawn looking neat and healthy.

Suitable Crops:

Suitable Crops

Act on these Fungal Disease:

Act on these Fungal Disease

Common fungi and diseases treated with tebuconazole

Tebuconazole is effective against a wide range of rusts, inhibiting their spread.

Stripe blight
Tebuconazole controls the incidence and development of blight, protecting crops and ornamentals.

Leaf spot
Tebuconazole is effective against leaf spot and can quickly restore plant health.

Anthracnose is a common and serious plant disease. Tebuconazole can effectively control anthracnose and protect plant health.

How to use tebuconazole

Spray Method
By spraying tebuconazole solution, it can evenly cover the surface of the plant and absorb quickly to achieve the control effect.

Root irrigation method
By pouring tebuconazole solution into the roots of plants, it can be absorbed through the root system and transmitted to the whole plant to provide comprehensive protection.


Crop names

Fungal diseases 


Usage method

The apple tree

Alternaria mali Roberts

25 g/100 L



 Leaf rust



Pear tree

Venturia inaequalis

7.5 -10.0 g/100 L



Mycosphaerella spp

200-250 g/ha


Oil rape

Sclerotinia sclerotiorum

250-375 g/ha


Effectiveness of tebuconazole

Preventive effect
Used before fungal spores germinate, tebuconazole is effective in preventing fungal infections and keeping plants healthy.

Therapeutic effect
When the plant is already infected with fungus, tebuconazole can be absorbed into the plant quickly, inhibiting fungal growth and gradually restoring plant health.

In the case of severe fungal infections, tebuconazole can completely eradicate the fungus and prevent the disease from spreading further.


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