Amitraz 20%EC

Short Description:

Active Ingredient: Amitraz12.5%EC


CAS No.: 33089-61-1


Classification: Acaricide for crops and animals


Short description: Amitraz is a broad-spectrum acaricide, which is mainly used to control mites in fruit trees, cotton, vegetables and other crops, and it can also be used to control acarids in cattle, sheep and other livestock


Packaging: 1L/bottle


Other formulations: Amitraz12.5%EC



Product Detail

Using Method


Product Tags

(1) Amitraz is a broad-spectrum acaricide, the main effect of which is contact killing, and also has the effects of stomach poisoning, fumigation, antifeedant, and repellent

(2) Amitraz is effective against juvenile nymphs, adults and mite eggs, and it is suitable for the harmful mites that has developed resistant to other acaricides.

(3) Amitraz has good performance of killing cotton bollworm, red bollworm, red spider, spider mite, psyllid, rust tick.It also can kill vermin in pigs, cattle and sheep.

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  • Suitable object



    Using method


    200g/L EC

    Orange trees

    Scale insect


    1000-1500times liquid


    Apple trees

    Red spider

    Apple leaf mite

    1000-1500times liquid


    Pear trees

    Pear psyllid

    800-1000times liquid



    two spotted spider mite




    Ticks and mites

    2000-4000 times liquid

    Spray or soak

     Cattle(except horses)

    Scabies of cattle

    400-1000 times liquid

    rub and rinse(twice a day with an interval of 7 days)

    Bee mite

    40005000times liquid


    (1) Amitraz should be used in high temperature and sunny weather, if the the temperature is lower than 25°C,the effect is poor.

    (2) It should not be mixed with alkaline pesticides (such as Bordeaux mixture, lime sulfur mixture, etc.).It was used up to 2 times per season crop.In order to avoid phytotoxicity.dont mix the amitraz with parathion when you want to protect the  apple or pear trees.

    (3) Stop using it 21 days before the orange harvest, and the maximum dosage is 1000 times liquid. Stop using it 7 days before cotton harvest, the maximum usage is 3L/hm2 (20% Amitraz EC).

    (4) In case of skin contact, rinse with soap and water immediately.

    (5) Amitraz has damage of leaf burning to short-fruited Golden Delicious apples,but it is safe for bees.

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