Pesticide Aluminum Phosphide 56%TB 57%TB

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Active Ingredient: Aluminum Phosphide 56%TB57%TB

CAS No.: 20859-73-8

Classification: Fumigant insecticide

Application: Aluminum phosphide is a highly toxic compound that is commonly used as a fumigant pesticide. It is often used in grain storage facilities and other agricultural settings to control pests and protect stored crops. 

Packaging: 900g/bottle

MOQ: 500bottles


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Aluminum Phosphide is a highly toxic inorganic compound with the chemical formula AlP, which can be used as a wide energy gap semiconductor and fumigant. This colorless solid usually appears as gray-green or gray-yellow powder on the market because of impurities produced by hydrolysis and oxidation.

Active Ingredient Aluminum Phosphide 56%TB
CAS Number 20859-73-8
Molecular Formula AlP
Application Broad spectrum fumigation insecticide
Brand Name POMAIS
Shelf life 2 Years
Purity 56%TB
State tabella
Label Customized
Formulations 56TB,85%TC,90TC

Mode of Action

Aluminum phosphide is usually used as a broad-spectrum fumigation pesticide, mainly used to fumigate and kill storage pests of goods, various pests in spaces, grain storage pests, seed grain storage pests, outdoor rodents in caves, etc. . After aluminum phosphide absorbs water, it will immediately produce highly toxic phosphine gas, which enters the body through the respiratory system of insects (or mice and other animals) and acts on the respiratory chain and cytochrome oxidase of cell mitochondria, inhibiting their normal respiration and causing death. . In the absence of oxygen, phosphine is not easily inhaled by insects and does not show toxicity. In the presence of oxygen, phosphine can be inhaled and kill insects. Insects exposed to high concentrations of phosphine will suffer from paralysis or protective coma and reduced respiration. Preparation products can fumigate raw grains, finished grains, oil crops, dried potatoes, etc. When fumigating seeds, their moisture requirements vary with different crops.

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Application scope

In sealed warehouses or containers, all kinds of stored grain pests can be directly eliminated, and mice in the warehouse can be killed. Even if pests appear in the granary, they can also be killed well. Phosphine can also be used to treat mites, lice, leather clothing, and down moths on items in homes and stores, or to avoid pest damage. Used in sealed greenhouses, glass houses, and plastic greenhouses, it can directly kill all underground and above-ground pests and mice, and can penetrate into plants to kill boring pests and root nematodes. Sealed plastic bags with thick texture and greenhouses can be used to treat open flower bases and export potted flowers, killing nematodes underground and in the plants and various pests on the plants.

Using Method

1. The dosage of 56% aluminum phosphide in space is 3-6g/cubic, and the dosage in grain pile is 6-9g/cubic. After application, it should be sealed for 3-15 days and deflated for 2-10 days. Fumigation requires low average grain temperature. Above 10 degrees.
2. All solid and liquid chemicals are strictly prohibited from coming into contact with food.
3. Aluminum phosphide can fumigate various grains, but when fumigating seeds, attention should be paid to: corn moisture <13.5%, wheat moisture <12.5%.
4. Conventional fumigation methods can be used to apply pesticides using one or two of the following methods:
a: Application of pesticides on grain surfaces: The pesticides are placed in non-combustible containers. The distance between the containers is about 1.3 meters. Each tablet should not exceed 150 grams. Tablets must not be overlapped.
b: Buried pesticide application: The height of the grain pile is more than 2 meters. Generally, the buried pesticide method should be used. The pesticide is put into a small bag and buried in the grain pile. Each tablet should not exceed 30 grams.
C: The application site should also consider the airflow state of the grain pile. When the average grain temperature is more than 3 degrees higher than the warehouse temperature, pesticides should be applied in the lower layer of the granary or the lower layer of the grain pile.


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